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“Look into my eyes…”

What do you think of when you hear that?

A gypsy fortune teller? The traveling apothecary salesman from “The Wizard of Oz”? Patrick Jane, the main character of the hit show “The Mentalist”?

Richard Barker is a professional stage and clinical hypnotist. He performs on stage across the country, amazing audiences with his ability to make people do anything he suggests, once they are put under hypnosis.

But besides performing, he can also really help people – families – who have challenges in their lives such as fears, smoking, ADHD, a stutter, even presentation skills, memory retention and making sales goals. He can also help with painless childbirth, a concept common in eastern countries but relatively new in the United States.

Barker first witnessed hypnosis while serving at age 17 in the British Army. During a stage show presented to help the troops fight boredom while stationed in Germany, the hypnotist made the gruff drill sergeant cry when anyone walked over the floor he had just mopped. Barker tells Family First watching the drill sergeant actually mopping was astounding in itself! Then to see him crying…Barker was fascinated.

Later, while working in Las Vegas as a disk jockey, Barker witnessed hypnosis again – let’s just say the trigger phrase was “Bud Light” – and he got the bug to learn.

After that captivating experience, Barker began studying under the well-known hypnotism instructor Jerry Kein in Florida. Kein told Barker he has a particularly powerful stare, making it easier for him to put people into a trance.

Hypnosis, according to Barker, is tapping into your subconscious mind. While conscious, the human brain only uses 20% of its capacity. The other 80% is the subconscious, which Barker describes as the “hard drive” of your life. Every moment of your life recorded until you pass on.

While hypnotized, you can find any “file” of your life upon suggestion. Barker gave the example of what you were wearing at your 5th birthday party. Most adults have absolutely no idea but under hypnosis, they can recall that as easily as what they are wearing at that moment.

While he says kids are easier to put under than adults, who are trying to rationalize too much, he really only likes to work with kids who are age 12 and above.

Some of the examples of afflictions Barker can help people deal with include fear of flying, fear of spiders, help with professional skills like making sales goals as well as medical conditions including ADD, ADHD, asthma and stuttering.

During his stage show, he can actually induce a stammer or stutter in someone to prove that he can easily remove it. During treatment, he helps the subject move back in time to the moment just before the stutter began so they can relive the experience with a new outcome through the power of Barker’s instruction. It’s basically like rewriting that memory.

This can be especially helpful for someone with a traumatic event such as abuse. During hypnosis, Barker helps that person imagine their abuser in handcuffs or somehow restrained so they are helpless. The victim is then able to confront that person, tell them how they feel and then forgive them, which Barker says is absolutely essential for the healing to begin.

While all of this may sound controversial and make you uncomfortable because it is non-traditional, Barker says his effectiveness rating is very strong. He says his smoking cessation program has a 100% effective rate due to the extensive time and work from the subject and his work with their medical doctor to help reinforce the program he uses.

Because there is such a variance in the skill levels of hypnotists, Barker recommends contacting him for reliable sources in your local area or for help from him or his product line. He offers CDs that can help you with self-hypnosis at home.

And just in case you were wondering – yes, your children actually are in a trance when watching television or playing video games, according to Barker.  For that matter, so are you if you ever find yourself drifting while driving. Staring at a fixed point can actually put you in a trance.

To find out more about Barker, his shows and his skills please check out his website

Article Written By By Marijo Tinlin

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