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I help people with pound shedding weight loss and to stop smoking by using various steps of Hypnosis. The first step is by removing the fear or anxiety surrounding hypnosis. Most people wonder and worry whether they can actually be hypnotized or not so I start a session by explaining the conscious and Sub Conscious brain and their respective roles in why we do what we do and form habits or certain conditions. The client must say “I like it and I know it is going to work” If you remove the fear of hypnosis anyone will go into it. I pre screen clients to ensure they are ready and they must want it to happen above anything else.

The conscious brain also known as the waking state is our short term or basic daily function ability of the brain while our sun conscious is our long term and personal hard drive and data bank. During hypnosis a I talk to the sub conscious only because it is here that all the habits in your life and reasons you do what you do are formed and stored. For example a smoker had to start somewhere and if you ask them without hypnosis they will tell you why they think they started smoking and where they were and who they were with but under hypnosis and while the hypnotist is talking to the sub conscious brain they will tell you the actual reason they started, it may have been low self esteem or a lack of love they were feeling from parents; or a sense of independence as they entered their teens.

Therefore for hypnosis to work it is essential that the subject understand the process of hypnosis and they then must want hypnosis to occur. You cannot hypnotize anyone against their will or who is not ready to allow themselves to be open to direct suggestions. Once the sub conscious brain allows a hypnotist to talk directly to it then change can occur.

It is established that most people trying to lose weight or stop smoking by using will power which is in the conscious brain. Because of this every time the person fails to stop smoking or puts on weight Will power learns to give up faster on each occasion. The trigger for being overweight or smoking is never tackled because it lies deep in the sub conscious but the person tries to trick their conscious brain but never removes the habit. It is never a long lasting method. We all know smokers that had stopped for years and then all of a sudden a significant event put them right back to smoking because of a crumbling of will power. Consider this statement “Every smoker started because of a lack or sense of loss of security in their life” If you do not understand this statement I can and will expand on it.

During hypnosis I create the establishment and environment of acceptable suggestions to the sub conscious and reinforce there is only one decision which is to accept my suggestion, if accepted hypnosis occurs and change happens because this part of the brain accepts truth coming in to it as reality.

I teach my clients how to be open to suggestion and how to make the change they need within the sub conscious mind. It is the willingness and openness that is the key for success.

I inform my clients of 4 mental attitudes and to remove the words “Hope” and “Try” from their vocabulary completely.

I teach them that there is actually only one reason to stop smoking or lose weight and it is simply this “I don’t like you (Cigarette or junk food) and I don’t like the control you have over me” I tell them “Nobody or nothing has a right to control you” 80% of hypnosis occurs before a hypnotic induction actually takes place.

I go on to eliminate through hypnosis the need for sweetness or junk food or nicotine replacing the craving with positive healthy food. I erase all programming of what makes a smoker smoke or someone overweight. I finish with positive reinforcement or compounding and fractionation of my suggestions.

It is not a craving that has stopped it is simply the reprogramming and removing of the reason why the smoker smoked or person put on weight in the first place. Addictive substances are often addictive because the mind is constantly told they are. Everyone knows it is hard to stop smoking for example so that because reality in a person’s mind and they then find it difficult to stop doing what they are doing. I program a brain through hypnosis to understand it is easy to choose a healthier lifestyle or easy to stop smoking, it is simply the willingness to listen t my suggestion and accept it as truth. Some of my clients had informed me that they only were smoking in certain situations and that they felt they needed to avoid them or worse to avoid friends who smoked themselves. This is not necessary and in a smoker I create an association with smoke as follows

Smoke Equals Fire

Fire Equals Choke

Choking equals disease

Disease equals DEATH

The actual smoke from a cigarette smells of burning rubber and every time you see a smoker you see someone drinking a cup of sticky tar. I also tell my clients there are 19 reasons to stop smoking because that is the actual number of chemicals in a cigarette. I never use the word “Quit” since it is associated with failure to quit at something so I use “Stop”

I have many example of clinical hypnotherapy and how powerful it can be from a client who experienced a regression from a former life. Remember when I talk to the sub conscious brain imagine it is like a computer hard drive, it records everything about your life in the finest detail. It does not discriminate what it keeps and does not make decisions, it gathers information and stores it away. Therefore under hypnosis sometimes clients will talk as a 5 year old or 10 year old depending the scene they are reliving and recalling, it is fascinating. A recent example of hypnosis in action was a stop smoking seminar I conducted. The seminar was informational and challenging for those who attended. Out of 15 that attended 7 chose to become non smokers at the actual event. Mild hypnosis took place but in reality it was the power of the message and the 80% pre screen rule that made my suggestions successful. I believe people want to be led and want to have permission to lose weight or stop smoking, they just need someone else to tell them to stop. Someone who is the expert or has a proven track record of success. People are like sheep and follow the flock in the direction of the one that knows the direction, they need to trust and respect the hypnotist to open the brain to suggestion. I did an instant induction at the seminar resulting on the awakening of the subject to immediately destroy her cigarettes

Richard Barker is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Board of Hypnotists and National Guild of Hypnotist, he is considered by many as the authority on matters relating to hypnotic process


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