The Empowerment Of You

I have often been asked how I got my start in hypnosis or when I first discovered that hypnotism was the right path for me. In other-words how did I find my “Why” in life and get to where I am today. You see, every one of you has a “Why” and the reason you wake up and function, only we haven’t all discovered that yet. Maybe you are in a job or career where you know deep down that it just isn’t for you or wasn’t meant to be. Some refer to this as your “calling” but I prefer to call it your reason or your “Why” You see, if you are not motivated or excited every morning to be “you” it shows both personally and professionally in everything you do. It is true that when you find your “WHY” and the chosen “Reason,” work and play becomes effortless and so super easy.


Without running the risk of boring you or fanning my own ego I want to tell you a little bit about me and the journey of how I got into hypnotism and I want you to think about your life every step of the story. See if you have any parallels or anything you can relate to.


I was born into a pretty normal working class family in England; my father in the Military at the time and my mum stayed home to raise her children. I never grew up wanting or needing but money certainly was tight. My parents put their kids as a priority and as I reflect, I grew up traditional in a sense of two parents; a sister and a pet dog. At the age of 7 years I realized the power of money and started trading toy cars and books with other kids to make a profit. I would host and run regular puppet shows where I would perform behind my garden wall so kids only saw the puppets and they would pay up front for my performance. I understood that by making kids wait in line to see the show it would attract many more kids until I grew a reasonable audience size. My subconscious mind was learning the power of influence and supply and demand however my conscious mind had no idea.


By the age of 10 I had a car washing business, now I wasn’t washing cars myself. I had recruited an army of kids that would go out and wash all the cars on the driveways of citizens in the neighborhood. I would train my team; deploy them with the right tools to the right area and collect all the payments. I would pay the kids for washing the cars less 20% commission per car. My subconscious mind was learning the power of numbers and leverage and also agency skills.

Fast forward, I became a member of the British Army and joined the elite crack Regiment of The Royal Green Jackets also known as the “Chosen Men”. There is massive history behind this regiment and I won’t go into detail but the Green Jackets invented skirmishing and camouflage including face paint as used by todays modern military. It was here that I learnt Organization comes first; followed by my team and lastly followed by myself. To this day I attribute my success to thinking of my client first and colleagues next followed by myself. So many people in sales and business get this wrong and think only of themselves first and it translates to the prospect so they lose the deal. With hypnosis you must always put others first and then the rest follows. At age 17 I was drafted to Germany, at the time the Cold war was on and the Berlin wall was still up with Russians our enemy. It was here I saw my first hypnosis show and I was amazed to see that the hypnotist completely altered the power and authority of people on stage. During the show the senior officer became the junior and the show was hilariously mystifying to me. My subconscious mind was learning the shift of power and the paradigm movement of inner thinking.

On leaving the Army I became a Police Officer for 10 years total and during this time learnt a host of new skills from influencing others to Investigative questioning. I spent time as a Detective learning Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) even though I was still unaware that indeed I was learning hypnosis. I learnt conversational hypnosis and how to illicit information from someone who did not want to give it to me. I had to nurture and influence bad people into cooperating in order to secure prosecutions. I dealt with victims and became the rescuer. I learnt the drama triangle and Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs. As a senior Police Officer I learnt how to motivate and develop teams and how to think outside the box. In my Policing career I achieved several Diploma’s and a Masters Degree in Education and Evaluation. I learnt how adults learn and do what they do. After this period of my live my subconscious mind was a full blown hypnotist; only it never told my conscious mind!.

Cutting to the chase, empowerment of the mind is so enlightening to those that get it. The secrets of the mind have been around for centuries yet it takes most of us half a life time or more to understand the secret and ourselves. Everything you have done in your life to this point subconsciously has an influence on your behavior today. There has to be an organic learning process but what if I were to fast track you to critical thinking and awakening 80 % of your brain? (The sub conscious mind) for most of our lives it gathers and stores evidence and data; it collects and records just like a computer hard drive every piece of information and experience we encounter. Like a jigsaw finding missing pieces the mind stores all the pieces but we must awaken it to complete the jigsaw. Why do you think some people have a good experience yet some people have a bad one even though they go to the same show, movie or restaurant. Everything starts with your circle of influence which some say are other people when really and truly it isn’t. Your center of influence is yourself and your thought process. Over the years I have seen thousands of clients for weight loss and smoking cessation and once they realize that all hypnosis starts in their own thoughts and mind first, the rest is easy. Magicians will tell you that the real magic isn’t the sleight of hand or creative illusion; the real magic is in the mind. The happiest place on earth isn’t August when the line for Splash Mountain is two hours long in the boiling heat yet because Disney sow the seed and use creative and subliminal waking state hypnosis the mind accepts that “Yes, I am in the happiest place on earth” therefore attitude affects behavior and in that cycle I think what I am and therefore I am happy.


For centuries tribal and remote civilizations have used and still use hypnosis for medicinal purposes and also to have fun. The weight of the mind is the weight of the body and a happy mind is a happy body, what the mind believes the mind achieves. Hypnosis  and laughter promote well being so combined into a stage show you truly get the best of both worlds.


What is the point of all this? From an early age my DNA was programmed and even though my mind wasn’t quite developed yet my motivation and my driving force to be an entertainer was evident. My desire to be a successful entrepreneur was clear and to make people laugh; also to educate and help others. The path to finding your way usually is not an easy one. You must take other jobs you know you were not designed to do. You must be that round peg in a square hole. You must do your time and and discover who you are and have an internal dialogue with yourself, be happy in your own shoes. Today I fulfill everything I was set out on this earth to achieve; I found my reason and I found my “Why” now the rest is easy.


During my Empowerment seminar I help you discover your “why” and how to get there. I navigate you through critical thinking and teach you self hypnosis. By the end of the seminar I teach you that what you visualize becomes reality when you use laser focus. I teach you how to connect your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, the 80% we rarely use. In order for things to change you must change in the mind first. A smoker never stops through willpower alone; it is the mind shift that makes the change, so how do we think the change? How do we think ourselves successful and rich if that is our desire?  Our performance in life is truly measured by our ability to self communicate and then be able to communicate with others. You don’t see the World around you, you think it. I can teach you how to study and how to win at whatever it is you focus on.

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”
- Albert Einstein

Why do you think so many successful entrepreneurs today confess that they never went to school? In their mind they already achieved success. In their life they “Acted as if” until they made it. With every thought you make a physical reaction occurs. It is true that you are only a thought away from perfect health and success.

I am going to teach you how to connect the left and right hemisphere of the brain and connect all facets of the mind to enable you to achieve things beyond your wildest dream. Goals at work or as a student can be realized and achieved from this seminar and so much more.


I am excited and look forward to taking this journey with you and to ask about the seminar please just contact me by clicking here



Richard Barker
Hypnotist I Author I Speaker I Coach