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Shara Prophet

Shara Prophet

The Mind Magic Coach

As Seen on OWN

The Mind Magic Coach

As Seen on OWN

Lisa Sadowski

Shara is the epitome of integrity, teaching solid, yet transformational principles that will change the trajectory of your life toward the greatest and highest good. If you are ready to be moved toward positive, inspired action in your life, Shara is the one for you!

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Think about your topics and area you want to focus on in your session with Shara.

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Learn about the different options and solutions to quickly and successfully overcome and triumph.

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You will feel a deep connection to solving your areas and set up a plan to succeed.

About Shara Prophet

Shara Prophet is a Los Angeles Hypnotherapist, aka The Mind Magic Coach, and founder of Open Door Hypnosis.

Shara holds certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, Handwriting Analysis, Therapeutic Imagery, and Past Life Regression.

If you are ready to acquire the life you desire and experience increased vitality, health, wealth, and well-being, schedule your FREE phone consultation today!

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Allura Mystique'

From the moment I came across Shara I was activated by her online teachings on Facebook and YouTube and shortly after booked my individual services with her. I have never been disappointed and you won't either! Every session is life altering and I walk away with unlocked insight into myself. I am also a clinician who has undergone training in hypnotherapy as well as work as a healing arts professional and completely recommend any of her services! Her ethics and professionalism with a combined ease of knowledge and skill is truly worth every dollar and more. I have also completed her Be MAGIC program and highly recommend for anyone looking to apply hypnosis and mind magic into your daily life as a part of your growth and healing journey. It was truly an experience to share space with her and others and to witness magic truly unfold. You have to do the work but if you commit and show up, Shara will for you too!

The Brand Alkhemist

Had an Amazing session with Shara. I don't know what she did but within the hour after the session things started flowing to me. I got donations and job offerings like right away. Like they were already waiting for me. I can't tell you how grateful i am to come across such an inspirational individual. Book your own session right away, you won't regret it.

ShadowMourne Technology Solutions

If you have not worked with my Sister and boss hypnotherapist, Shara Prophet, you are missing out. She is a true diamond and someone who will put the game down to you and as long as you are willing to do the work that she prescribes thru her sessions and thru her new book B.E.M.A.G.I.C. The Manifestation Workbook: Make The Impossible Happen: A Subconscious Conditioning Tool For Activating Your Natural Magical Ability. I have read thru the book a couple of times and the information is well written and very easy to understand. Now the work itself may not be that easy, but anything that you work for will be appreciated more when you finish it. Do the work, invest in yourself and get this book, or the sessions that she offers. They are WELL worth the price.

Interview with Shara Prophet and client Alia C.

If you are ready to acquire the life you desire and experience increased vitality, health, wealth, and well-being, schedule your FREE phone consultation today!

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